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From those of us at Genesis Church we want to THANK YOU for visiting our website. We as a church know that we would not be where we are today as a church without the support of you.


Iglesia Genesis (Genesis Church)

The video above gives a broad spectrum of our church, some of her ministries, and the direction God is leading us.


Jungle Journey Newsletter

Nelton and Bethany Noriega and their three children, Kyliana (8), Briel (7), and Jayden (1) have been serving the church of Iquitos, Peru for ten years. As founders and lead pastor and missionary of Genesis Church, they write a bi-monthly update on what God is doing.

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Genesis Weekly Minute

Genesis Weekly Minute is a page to help keep you connected with all that is happening at Genesis Church in Iquitos, Peru. Check out our FIRST Genesis Weekly Minute and stayed tuned for the next one coming soon!


Tithes and Offerings at Genesis Church

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Our Registry

As our church and ministries continue to grow, so do the needs of the church and its members. For different ways to support the ministries at Genesis and to see some of our current needs, click here.


Team Testimonies

Going to Peru and attending Genesis Church relit a fire in me that I didn’t know had burned out! It has challenged me into a deeper level of faith that has began trickling into my community and church. Im so excited for the future God has planned!
— shanna n.
Image 1-18-19 at 10.47 AM.jpg.jpeg
While I was in Peru I felt like God was putting a place on my heart to do Missions so that is something I would love to pursue when I get older.
— Ella n.
For me the best part of Peru is Bethany and Nelton. They are the difference makers for me. They gave me the love I had been needing and the example of loving God that I felt was missing. I can’t adequately describe what they mean to me with words, other than saying they’ve become like another set of parents for me, deeply ministering to my heart.
— chipper f.
Wow, where to start... this is one of those trips you really have to go on yourself to really get the impact, the beauty and all the love that is spread. I’d say some of my favorite parts are: the spread of love, the worship and cell groups. God blesses us everyday and we just need to slow down and look for it. I loved seeing God through the Peruvians. God touched me so so much from that trip that I pray for the Peruvians all the time. To see Nelton and Bethany act on God’s behalf is awesome to see. I loved cell groups, it’s kinda like youth group but meant for EVERYONE! It’s real, it’s emotional, it’s fun, it’s brothers and sisters and even new believers coming together with support for each other... Ok, it’s really God doing it all and it’s awesome to be there! Aaaaaand did I mention all the women that worked so hard for us with unbelievable meals, wow they were good. Thank you ladies so so much. The Peruvians left such an impact on me, that I’m so gratefull for...
— andy c.
jesus is king!
— hannah b.
You need to go to Peru...
— riley b.
My trips to Peru transformed every part of my life. I learned that the Spirit is so alive in us & how to seek it. Since leaving Peru, I’ve had a fire in my heart to grow my relationship with Christ, & learn more about what it means to follow Him wholeheartedly. Two of my greatest joys were revealed to me in Peru: kids & Spanish. I now teach a kindergarten class on Wednesday nights, & I practice my Spanish every day. If you’re interested in Peru, pray & GO! Watch Him take your life & give you freedom... and Eternal Goals. 😉
— Katie T.

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